Antique restoration - restoring an antique chair

Antique Restoration

The ultimate aim when restoring a piece of antique furniture is to restore it to the condition that it would have been in had it been well looked after all its life. The perfect veneer patch would be one that can’t be seen!

We undertake a wide range of restoration projects on items of furniture dating from the early 18th Century through to the 20th Century.

Restoring a chairAll our work is done sympathetically with particular emphasis on retaining the original patina wherever possible. However should it be absolutely necessary to strip and sand a piece for whatever reason (we’ve had some fantastic pieces of period furniture that have even been painted over the years) we can chemically bleach the surface, age it, shade it and repolish it to an authentic colour and finish. Any drawer runners that are badly worn can be replaced and we always endeavour to carry out any veneer patching or woodwork repairs using the same period of timber. Any handles or fittings that are missing or broken can possibly be matched from our huge stock of period fittings or hand cast to match the originals.